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Bank Holiday Pack

Bank Holiday Pack - Verona wine tours by ENOUTING

The best solution to enjoy a wonderful stroll between Verona, Soave and Garda Lake, not without relaxing afternoons or time for shopping!

Day One

Our private driver will taxi you from the Airport or checkpoint to the Hotel for checking in.

We will then explain your journey, not before a quick view of the bests Verona’s shopping corners!

Day Two

After breakfast we will bring you to the notorious Valpolicella Classica, a lovely valley between Verona walls and Garda Lake.

In here you will taste the first 2 from the bests winemakers of the area, not without a lunch in Osteria though.

In the evening, you will dine at one of our favourite michelin starred restaurant in town!

Day Three

On the next day we will head you to the Valpolicella Allargata, the eastern side of Verona, where Illasi Valley gives probably the most punchy version of Corvina.

One of our favourite winemaker here will shows you around and drive you through another wonderful tasting!

We will then take you to Soave, a stunning borough with a medieval castle surrounded by  vinyards: the land of Garganega.

After lunch a Soave tasting will follow, with cave view of course!

Day Four

On the last day we’d like to show you the most beautiful Verona’s corners, with historic sites like the Arena, Gavi’s Arch or the Romanic Theatre.

After lunch then you will have the opportunity to visit the best italian hamlet: Borghetto sul Mincio.

Day Five

Breakfast and taxi back to Airport or Checkpoint.

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